Who we are?

We are a group of people with a high knowledge of IT and Hacking. Our group is formed by 10 persons from USA  AND RUSSIA.
Since many years, we have offered hacking services and courses in 3 different languages.
We can assure we are the best and most professional group that you can find over the internet. You are now in front of your best option to learn everything about hacking.

How do I take the course?

Our course is ONLINE and INDIVIDUAL.
The entire course is splitted in 25 themes, and you can take it in 2 forms:

+ Complete: Recommended for people without any previous knowledge about hacking. The unique requirement is the basic use of PC. Include all 25 themes.
+ Personalized: Only for people with previous knowledges who want to take some specific theme instead of 25.

Will I be able to hack a Facebook or Email account, etc?

At the end of our course you will be able to get any password from any website, like emails, social networks, or any other. You will also learn other interesting things.
Within our course syllabus you will not find any theme called “How to hack Facebook” or similar. Get a password is not a cooking recipe, it is not follow simple steps until achieve the goal. There is a lot of hacking methods, and applied for an specific moment in an specific website.
With our course you will learn all, and we will teach you to reason and think how and when you must use a hacking method and when no. You will learn too to create your own hacking method.

Price and payment method

Depending of the way that you choose to take the course, it has different prices.

+ Complete: If you take the entire course, the price will be 1650 dollars, including absolutely all the necessary software, study material, tutorials and support for the 25 themes.
+ Personalized: If you choose this course, you have to select the themes that you want to take. Each theme will cost 240 dollars, and the minimum amount of themes that you can take is 3.

The payment must be sent exclusively through CRYPTO CURRENCY
And other mean if there’s good reasons

When do I need to pay?

Depending of the way that you choose to take the course:

+ Complete: If you take the entire course, you can do the first theme for free, being our invited, to see how is our course and if it is what you expected. After to take the first free theme, you must decide: Continue, or Leave. If you want to leave the course, you will not have to pay anything. If you want continue with the course, you will have to pay 60% of the total amount , which will enable to take the course until theme Nº13 (half of the course), and before to start with the theme Nº14 you must pay the second part (it means another 325 dollars), which will enable to continue and end with the course.
··· Warning: We don’t accept curious people. Please, if you don’t have the money, or you know that you are not going to continue with the course even if it is good for you, DO NOT take the first theme. There is other serious people who truly wants the course. If you are not going to continue with the course, the first class will not be helpful, you will not be able to do anything after the first theme, so you can’t get any personal benefit.

+ Personalized: If you take the personalized course, you must pay the total amount in advance, without exception.

How many time will take the course?

Each theme of the course, has a duration of 1 week.
Every MONDAY from each week will be terminated the current theme, and will start the next.
If you want to start with a course, you can do it any MONDAY.

If you are interested in an complete course and wants to take the first theme for free, you will start the following monday since the moment in which you confirm us your enrollment (according to availability).
If after to take the first theme, you want to continue, we must receive your first payment BEFORE the following monday (day in which the first theme is terminated).
If we don’t receive your payment before monday, will mean that you reject to continue with our course, and you will can’t take the course never.

How is a class?

Every monday you will receive in your email address:

+ A PDF file (Visible with Adobe Reader) containing all the theoric class, and you must read and study.

+ Audio and video files in which you will see and learn to do some things explained at the PDF file.
+ Software.
+ Codes and examples about everything that you learned.
+ Proposed and mandatory exercises.
+ Online review to see how much did you learned (every sunday)

+ 6 hours per week. You will be communication with a professor to answer your doubts and help you with any problem, in English. Will be 3 days per week, for 2 hours. Days and times to be arranged at the moment to hire the course.
The communication can be through Skype or any other similar software.
+ Exclusive email address to which you can write at any moment, receiving a response in no more than 12 hours.
+ Access to a private forum only available for our students (current and/or old) in which you can talk between other students and professors about anything, make answers, help to others, and more.


1 .- Introduction to hacking: basic concepts and familiarization.
2 .- Introduction to websites: server-client, what is a programming language?, how a browser works exactly?, domain names, IP, DNS, ISP.
3 .- HTML: basic language for websites layout.
4 .- PHP: basic language for client-server interaction in a website.
5 .- Javascript y MySQL: dynamic website and data store.
6 .- Fakes y Xploits: what are they?, correct creation, passwords verification through cURL and credibility.
7 .- Social Engineering: the art of deception.
8 .- Keyloggers and Trojans: operation, what is the meaning of local and remote.
9 .- Western Union Hack/PayPal Hack/Bitcoin Hack
10 .- Introduction to C++: programming language
11 .- Creating software: doing bassic apps on VB.NET and C++
12 .- VB.NET II
13 .- C++ II
14 .- Creating software II: chat with operation of client-server on VB.NET and C++
15 .- VB.NET III
16 .- C++ III
17 .- Creating software III: doing a keylogger on VB.NET and C++, local and remote.
18 .- Creating software IV: simple trojan on VB.NET and C++
19 .- Security: How and antivirus and a firewall works? How to be protected?
20 .- Undetectability I: Learn to create your own malware without be detected by antivirus.
21 .- Undetectability II: Learn to avoid to keep any trace.
22 .- Cellphones: application of the methods learned to working on a cellphone or tablet.
23 .- Introduction to Deface: Website hacking. SQL Injection, XSS…
24 .- Bank Hacking/Credit Card
25 .- Computer Forensics: Retrieve data. Track information and people.


Email: admin@worldethicalhack , hackerminjun@gmail.com 

WhatsApp +1 (320) 204 4748

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